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We provide individuals and small businesses the tools they need to succeed, through virtual tax preparation and accounting services.


Tax Preparation

Whether it is a simple or complex tax return you should work with someone you trust and is familiar with the current tax law changes. Our team is here to help you identify any tax credits and tax deductions you may qualify for to minimize your tax liability. We prepare federal and multi-state individual tax returns as well as business returns including sole proprietors, partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, and non-profits.


Accounting Services

Providing our customers with financial details in a timely and reliable way is a responsibility that we believe should not be undermined. Well-organized financial reports ensure that company activities operate regularly more effective. Therefore, you can make the best decision with strategic tax planning, financial forecasting, and tax filing. Our company offers a wide range of accounting services.



Don’t have your books up to date? No problem! Our team is here to support you. We can bring your bookkeeping up to par, and get you ready. Our team will also assist your small business setup a simple system that will help your company bring your financials up-to-date going forward. By having your books up-to-date, it will help your business make strategic and better financial decisions.


Consulting Services

Choosing the entity form of your business is very important, your decision comes with plenty of different tax implications and in some cases, it can save you money by choosing the appropriate business structure and type. Our team can help you make a well-informed and logical decision by providing you with information regarding the tax implications each business entity has. We walk you through the available options you may not know you have so you can be stress-free and enjoy your time with the ones that matter the most.


Automated Payroll Setup

We are proud of helping small businesses save time! Our team can assist small businesses setup an automated full-service payroll with one of our trusted partners. We provide support to businesses and their teams from diverse industries automate their payroll 100% online.


Other Profesional Services

Our team offers a wide variety of other professional and tax related services, just ask one of our team members about the following services:

  • FBAR Filing
  • ITIN or Tax ID Applications
  • International Student Tax Filing
  • IRS EIN# Application Assistance
  • Business License/Registration Assistance
  • QuickBooks Setup
  • S Corporation Election Filing and more!
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